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Subject: Love
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petagaye 14.05.10 - 04:53am
If u love some1 would u hurt that person? *

gazayute 21.06.10 - 04:18am
no if i genuinly love some one i would not hurt them, besides i wudnt have any reason to....

big9inch 25.09.10 - 02:00pm
wel im the lovein type i dont hurt ppl weuther i love them are not im the one always get hurt *

rabia143 11.07.11 - 04:26am
dnt hurt that person whome z loved by u *

jbaga 6.04.12 - 06:05pm
Honestly I couldn't say yes nor no! Reason being hitting and hurting are two different actions, I woudn't hit the one I love but sometimes someone diverts so much effort into you believing you aren't appreciative of it then it seems as you're doing something intentional! *

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